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Welcome to the website.
It's pretty much like most other voice-over websites.

If you are here to find the next VOICE OF GOD... Sorry.  Not here.

If you are here to find the dulcet tones and smooth delivery in the style of that guy who can rumble the room with just his voice.  Not gonna happen. (wish it could, but c'est la vie.)

If you want that guy that sounds like every announcer guy that you've ever heard on radio and television.  I wish you luck because he is nowhere within earshot of this website.


What you will find is the voice of the guy that you would love to talk to over a drink at your local watering hole. 

Or that neighbour that everybody loves.  You know him: The guy that gets excited over your good news and can't wait to tell the world.

Or the well-traveled dude who has seen it all and done as much of it as he cares to do ... but knows his limitations well enough than to do something regrettable and knows how to innately talk you into a better point of view.

If any of these folks sound like someone you'd like to hang with... well ... you may very well be exactly where you need to be.

My name is Jody Silvers.
I talk for a living.
I'd love to talk for you.

Let's get started.

Success! Message received.

CommercialJody Silvers
Radio ImagingJody Silvers

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